In the midst of the current pandemic situation, the existence of a credit card can provide many additional benefits for you. Not only makes transactions more convenient and practical, but also saves your finances when shopping and fulfilling daily needs such as when you want to make a deposit at sbobet in situs slot online yang sering kasih jackpot. Because credit cards always have discount offers, points, installments, free card annual fees to their role as an emergency fund.

No doubt, people often refer to credit cards as magic cards. However, behind the many benefits, credit card users are required to be wise and smart in using credit cards. Because basically the money used from credit cards is not our money and a free gift, but belongs to the bank and its use generates interest and fees.

Clever Steps to Using a Credit Card in the Midst of a Pandemic

So that our monthly bills are forever covered by our income, use the existing promos, discounts and 0% installments. This 0% installment offer is a privilege of a credit card. For example, shopping for a smartphone worth Rp. 12 million. If you choose 12-month installments, you only need to pay IDR 1 million every month in No need to worry about draining your monthly income. The following method will certainly help you understand what a secure credit card system is.

Currently, there are many e-commerce and offline stores that offer 0% installment programs. As much as possible avoid changing installments via bank, because this will trigger you to get interest, from 0.99% to 2.99% promo interest. Behind the payment waivers, for more than one credit card issuing bank, the use of installments is one of the requirements to get free annual credit card fees. daftar slot online terpercaya

Pay Full Bill Before Due

The absolute way after that is to pay credit card bills before they are due and pay in full. This method will keep you from credit card interest. So that you don’t miss it, make it a habit to pay credit card bills on the day you receive your salary or when the bill has been printed in slot online jackpot terbesar. If the maturity is still long and you regret your income, it’s a good idea to look for additional money from selling online or playing pragmatic play Indonesian betting games.

Avoid paying minimum bills because automatically the debt burden will be higher. We recommend paying at least 1/2 of the bill, so that in the next month it’s easier to pay in full

Know the Ability to Pay Bills

Generally, the credit card limit provided by the bank exceeds the income we have. Therefore it is very important to know your ability to pay bills. Don’t let your credit card monthly bill exceed your limits or approach 1/2 of your income. Use credit cards as needed and avoid the luxury type of life.

Avoid Withdrawing Cash and Covering Debt

Avoid withdrawing cash via ATM because you will be subject to admin fees and interest. Especially if you can’t pay the full bill every month, because the cash withdrawal interest will continue to demo pragmatic last until the bill is paid in full. Get around it with cash withdrawals at merchants that are free of admin fees.

Also, avoid using a credit card to pay off debt. This means using a credit card to pay for Unsecured Loans (KTA), Multipurpose Credit (KMG), Motor Vehicle Loans (KKB), and Home Ownership Loans (KPR). Do not dig a hole to cover the hole because this will make it difficult for you to manage finances.

Shop Again After Bill Print Date

If you are also an active credit card user, you must get used to checking and rechecking usage. At least know the credit card balance. This method is also to avoid over limit. If it is considered that you have crossed the payment limit, hold it for shopping or using a card. Wait until the bill has been printed Because using a credit card after the bill is printed will give you more time to pay bills until next month.