Bangkarera Festival

Delfin Albano is often associated with the river. When people hear about Delfin Albano, a panorama of an island stretched beside the Cagayan River comes into their minds. This is because of the famous expanse of the Cagayan River which the constituents have been traversing since time immemorial. It has become a way of life of every Delfin Albanian to always cross the river by boat. Strangers see this situation as unprogressive, for they only see the physical setback that the river brings. Unknown to them, this river has provided priceless benefits for the people of Delfin Albano. Delfin Albanians have actually tamed this river and made it an important part of their livelihood. The known threats brought by this Cagayan River were actually turned into strength. Now, the constituents truly consider this beloved town as a paradise by the river.

            In celebration of the bounties that the mighty Cagayan River is bringing, the Officialdom of Delfin Albano has thought of holding an annual festivity that shall showcase the beauty of life with the river and inspire the shaping of the culture of Delfin Albano; hence, the BANGKARERA Festival was born.

Bangkarera showcases a boat race that traverses the Cagayan River. It is participated in by the fishermen of the municipality who use traditional, non-motorized bancas propelled by wooden paddles. Significantly, the event is a celebration of life blessed with the bounties of and molded by the challenges posed by the mighty river.

            On March 15, 2020, the second day of the fiesta celebrations of the municipality of Delfin Albano, Bangkarerawill again be a contested event to be witnessed by Delfin Albanians who shall be enjoying the rich culture and heritage of Delfin Albano. This year’s event shall feature the Doubles and Relay to be participated by local fisherfolks, public and private organizations and the member of rescue teams from neighboring municipalities.

            Come, join and be a part of the 12thBangkarera Festival!